Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza - Day 4

I am continuing Day 4 of the Halloween Extravaganza with more ideas using the Trick or Treat letterpress plate for the Big Shot.  This time, I used the letterpress plate for a card.  The image on the plate just happens to be the perfect size for a card front! :o)

Again, I used Basic Black craft ink and watercolor paper.  This time, however, I treated my paper before printing the image.  I did a wash on the watercolor paper using my watercolor crayons.  Then I used my color spritzer while the paper was still wet to add splashes of color.  This created a subtle bleeding effect into the watercolor wash.

Check out yesterday's post for more on the letterpress plates! And stay tuned for Day 5 tomorrow - I'll have one more project using them! :o)


  1. Good morning! I am so excited to see so many different Halloween projects, I love them! I wanted to ask you which way is more effective so I can ensure a spot for Saturday, mailing the payment or doing credit card by phone? Let me know k, thanks!!!

  2. Hi Alex! Either way would be good at this point in time, but cc payment would give you "instant confirmation" IYKWIM. ;o) If you choose to do that, just call Alecia Connelly at the number on the registration form, and she can process it for you! Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!


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